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What do you do?:
umm... nothing?

How old are you (birthdate)?:
21 (2/28/79)

What do you do to supplement the mad $crillas Ed Goodlife is paying?:
mattress factory wage slave.

Chris likes to…:
be a part of the UNDYING tm copyright (all rights reserved) money making extravaganza and i look forward to a bright and prosperous future with the company. but otherwise i just hang out.

Ball and Chain?:

i'd hardly call her that.

Higher learning:
5 semesters at NCSU. now happily "dropped out" for the time being.

a table, a chair, and some change.

Bands/artists I likes:
prayer for cleansing, azazel, the outfit, the get up kids, saves the day, day of suffering, catharsis, brother's keeper, the path of resistance, stretch arm strong, trial, refused, madonna, bane, smoking popes, thick as thieves, harvest, blood has been shed, as the sun sets, .hopesfall., for the love of, chokehold, indecision, sky came falling, braid, reggie and the full effect, the cranberries, the hope conspiracy, 108, shai hulud, earth crisis, converge, hatebreed, etc...

Top ten records you’re glad someone was smart enough to make:

(no particular order)
1. metallica. ...and justice for all.
2. the path of resistance. who dares wins.
3. elvis costello. my aim is true.
4. U2. the joshua tree.
5. catharsis. passion. samsara.
6. gorilla biscuits. start today.
7. smoking popes. destination failure. born to quit.
8. brother's keeper. the continuum.
9. weezer. s/t. pinkerton.
10. refused. the shape of punk to come.

Authors whose works you’d like cremated with you so your remains have to be carried in a multi-pack:

Books you must read:
the catcher in the rye, ishmael, one flew over the cuckoo's nest, the giving tree.(sorry, don't read much).

If you could have dinner with one person (living or dead) who would it be?:
anyone, so long as we eat at the house of chinese gourmet.

Movies I would watch more than once:
Dreams, The Hudsucker Proxy, Good Will Hunting, The Idiots, Cabin Boy... too many others to mention.

Does Robert need a haircut?:
Rob needs a colonic, a muzzle, and a skarhead beatdown.

Favorite Undying song?:
when the heavens shed tears

Favorite to play live?:


Best Catharsis song?:
In The Belly of the Demon

Worst food you ever ate?:

Things I like those stupid guys forgot to include in this dumb questionnaire: