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James Chang

What do you do?:
Guitar and keyboards.

How old are you (birthdate)?:
May 3, 1974

What do you do to supplement the mad $crillas Ed Goodlife is paying?:

James likes to:
Read, listen to music, read, play music.

Ball and Chain?:

Higher learning:

Ibanez 520QS, BC Rich NJ series bich (both with dimarzio tone zones), Crate G140CH, Mesa Boogie halfback 4x12 (road ready), rocktron HUSH systems pedal, Yamaha synth.

Bands/artists I likes:

the cure, dead can dance/lisa gerrard, sarah mclachlan, switchblade symphony, dar williams, love spirals downwards, concrete blonde, the indigo girls, k's choice, garbage, into another, catharsis, blood has been shed, prayer for cleansing, brother's keeper, overcast, unbroken, outspoken, in flames, cradle of filth, emperor, naglfar,
at the gates, my dying bride

Top ten records you're glad someone was smart enough to make:

1. the cure - disintegration/wish/&Mac255;hell, all of them from the head on the door on,,,
2. sarah mclachlan - mirrorball/fumbling towards ecstasy
3. dar williams - mortal city
4. lisa gerrard - the mirror pool
5. catharsis - samsara/passion
6. cradle of filth - cruelty and the beast
7. my dying bride - like gods of the sun
8. dead can dance - a passage in time
9. concrete blonde - bloodletting/still in hollywood
10. indigo girls - swamp ophelia

Authors whose works you'd like cremated with you so your remains have to be carried in a multi-pack:
Caitlin R. Kiernan, Poppy Z. Brite, Michael Marshall Smith, Harlan Ellison, Dan Simmons, Kathe Koja, Brian Hodge, Joe R. Lansdale, F. Paul Wilson, William Gibson, Barbara Gowdy, David Sedaris,&Mac255;

Books you must read:
Caitlin R. Kiernan - Silk, Tales of Pain and Wonder, Poppy Z. Brite - all, Storm Constantine - Wraethu omnibus, Michael Marshall Smith - all, William Gibson - all, Darkside: Horror for the next millennium, Borderlands 1 - 4, Book of the Dead and Still Dead, Revelations, Dan Simmons - Hyperion thru Rise of Endymion, Barbara Gowdy - We So Seldom Look On Love, Robert R. McCammon - Swan Song, Michael Marano - Dawn Song

If you could have dinner with one person (living or dead) who would it be?:
Mehitobel Wilson

Movies I would watch more than once:
Kissed, The Professional, The Shawshank Redemption, Leaving Las Vegas, The Crow, anything with "of the dead" or "of
the living dead" in the title, Evil Deads, any Peter Jackson film, Near Dark

Does Robert need a haircut?:

Favorite Undying song?:
The Company of Storms

Favorite to play live?:
This Day All Gods Die

Best Catharsis song?:
Exterminating Angel

Place I'd like to see before I die?:
Any (relatively) untouched coastline.

Worst food you ever ate?:
Baba Ghannouj at some horrible place in South Carolina

Things I like those stupid guys forgot to include in this dumb questionnaire:
Buffy and Angel, mountain dew and orange juice