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  Undying "This Day All Gods Die" Fifth Column Conspiracy *****+++

I'm gonna try and be straight up here. First, lets start with an example. And I hate to name-drop and all, but sorry. So one day, probably late September, I'm cruisin' the Death/Black Metal message boards on AOL. A frequenter to the board and editor of Hell Frost magazine, Joe Headcrash, posted his review of the Burn it Down disc on Escape Artist. He compared it to Dillinger Escape Plan. So eventually I got this disc expecting to hear some Dillinger Escape Plan and wow. Sounds nothing like D.E.P. Why? He doesn't really know much about "new school" hardcore (in my opinion) as Hell Frost is mostly more extreme-based, covering more death-ish metal. So when you slice through the thin, you get the thick, which is that Joe wrote about something he didn't know too much of. So here we have Undying. And I will be blunt and tell you that I am in no way familiar with black metal. From what I have heard though, this sounds pretty black metal to me. The first song is a great keyboard introduction which drains out into some guitar, and then the second track (the title track) shreds right through you. It's got the high notes like black metal that I've heard, and the vocals are sick for the most part. I think the guy who does most of them sounds more hardcore than black, but some of the backups are sick as hell. It's all played super fast with some stop-and-go parts to it. For the most part, Cradle of Filth is the only black metal I listen to (on very rare occasions at that) and the music reminds me at that when they don't do heavy breakdowns. I really like this stuff. It's darker and more evil than Satan himself. Sick stuff. Check it out! This will certainly have all the kids running their mouths. The hardcore kids will despise it even though they'll listen to it when nobody is around, and the metal kids will eat it all up without a crumb to spare.