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1. Intro (Instrumental)
2. This Day All Gods Die *
3. Lay This Life Down
4. Fire Of Life
5. When The Heavans Shed Tears
6. For Liberation *
1. Echoes *
2. Tears Seven Times Salt
3. The Company Of Storms
4. Fallen Grace
5. The Coming Dark Age
6. Born Again
7. A Desert In The Heart *
8. Formal Absences Of Precious Things
9. Of Masks And Martyrs (+bonus track)
Demo 2002 - Tracks
1. As Above ***Thanx to for hosting this***

2. Reckoning

*Real Audio Samples
Mp3 samples available here

Much more is planned for this section, including more audio samples and live video peformances in streaming and Quicktime formats, so stay tuned.