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5.25.04[Undying News]

our apologies for the lack of updates, bear with us...

we are returned, safely and soundly from our trip to Mexico. Mexico City, Monterrey, too great and too short. incredible shows, wonderful food, and people for whom we will be forever thankful to have had the chance and luck to meet and befriend. there exist no words to express our thanks and love to: Victor, Maggie, Alberto, and the D.F. Crew (for the hours behind the wheel and so much and more,) to Esmerelda and all from Guadalajara, to Aliber, Salvador and Invictus Maneo, Pojas, Thom and Alguna Vez Fui Ciego, Fuhrens, the Santa Cruz sXe, and everyone who lended a hand, offered words and smiles, came to the shows, and of course to those who we may have forgotten (forgive us our fragile memories.)

and none and never without Dino, who made it all happen, and happen so well. thank you.

last, but certainly not least: we would like to welcome Parker Krieg (from the mighty Wings of Scarlet) to the Undying family. from the frozen north (Milwaukee that is) to the hot, wet south, and we are lucky to have him. our heart-deepest gratitude to Jonathan Raine and Christopher Walker for helping us out until.

we will be touring throughout the summer, come and say hello.