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Let us first start by saying welcome to the Undying webpage. We thank everyone who currently supports us, and we also extend our gratitude to anyone who has helped us become who we are today. To those of you who come to our shows regularly, to those of you who have never seen us but have acquired our demo or cd, and to those of you who have offered your compliments, suggestions, etc. - we are greatly appreciative. We feel the journey is just please join us in our crusade.

The following is a set of essays/short ramblings. They do not represent the belief systems of all members in Undying. It is very difficult to create a band that satisfies all its members wholly, and to go as far as to say that all five members agree on all the same issues is absurd. The following writings in some way represent what Undying as a band is trying to convey lyrically. These writings are also in some ways associated with our “message.” We hope they get you thinking and at the very least provide you with a few minutes of reading enjoyment.

This Day All Gods Die Explained

What Is Your Worldview? Do You Know?